POP COSTUME X JPT design 1/6 handmade Japanese armor [Green Girl] - Fan-yun edition #JPT-002

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Pre-sale Date: 2022.10.23 - 11.23
Time to market: Second quarter of 2023
Product status: Stop reservation-Upcoming
Product Specification
Product Specification:
Product Size: L300 W190 H390mm
Package: Cardboard case
Delivery Regions: Hong Kong;Macao;Taiwan,China;the United States; Canada;the United Kingdom;France;Germany;Italy;Spain;Belgium; the Netherlands; Japan; South Korea; Singapore; Malaysia;Thailand;Australia; New Zealand, etc
  • Description

In the second quarter of 2023, JPT design X POP COSTUME jointly launched 1/6 ratio handmade Japanese armor figurine -- Green girl
JPT001 light rain version & JPT-002 Fan-cloud version positive opening pre-sale

About the Studio:
JPT is a designer studio that creates character concept visuals.

Product Introduction:
Aoko, an epitome of the female role lost in Japanese history, is anonymous.
Zengya fresh clothes angry horse angry, mad, happy and angry, in the flood of time and war all turned into dust, only the bones buried in the wasteland open gorgeous flowers.
The design of Cypress armor references numerous historical archetypes and is tailored around the character of Cypress.

JPT is responsible for product design, POPCOSTUME is responsible for production, to ensure mass quality and stable process;
Full set of armor 100% copper full copper fittings + stainless steel knife body, 1/6 knife technology comprehensive upgrade;
The entire production and adjustment process is open to the public and synchronized in the official channels to give players the best experience.

JPT-002 Fan-cloud version list


1. Pocket x1

2. Lm x1

3. Cage Hand x2

4. Throat wheel x1

5. Taidao x1

6. Stress differential x1

7. Daniel x2

8. The shield x1

9. And the bow x1

10. Arrow x5

11. String roll x1

12. Quiver x1

13. Head Carving (eye moving) x1

14. Plain x1

15. Natural Hand x4

16. Glove Hand x3

17. Underwear x1

18. Top x1

19. Pants x1

20. Belt x1

21. Foot Pouch x2

22. Straw Shoe x2

23. Armored cabinet x1

24. Too knife holder x1

25. Armor Stand x1

26. Molding Rack x1

POP COSTUME X JPT design 1/6 handmade Japanese armor [Green Girl] - Fan-yun edition #JPT-002
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